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Architectural Stone Elements is a world class purveyor of fine hand-carved stone art, which mainly consist of Cantera volcanic stone, limestone, travertine and marble. We quarry only the finest elements, combine them with world class architectural styles

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A Guide To Choose Natural Stone Source LLC

April 9, 2014

The natural stone products have brought the chic, elegant and an affordable natural stone back into the world decor, their purpose is served for which the products were made for. These products of Stone source LLC can be seen in hotels, houses and even in businesses all over the country. The beauty of these stone products is evergreen. Real Stone Source is providing the architects, designers and local contractors all the gears right from demand of the stone to distribution, and services to sourcing of the stone which is required to bring the natural stone back as building material.

We can find ROX PRO natural stones in vivid styles and colors which comes under one family, processed into modular units which makes the stone more consistent and reduce the installation speed. It even helps in creating numerous designs. Calexia premium natural stone reflects the tradition of stones but is given more preference than the traditional designs. It is the modern style of stone which are supported by CAD design tools to create a remarkable and eternal impression. Exogeo a type of stone which enhances our outdoor space is creating a strong bonding between the choice of product and its effect on our quality of life. Exogeo is the best choice to have an excellent outdoor design.

If you are in search of natural stone product with better quality, design, and craftsmanship then Stone source LLC is the correct choice for you, as they have the commitment to satisfy their clients. The designs of Stone Source LLC give astonishing results, and it even solves client’s problems instead of creating one. The estimate given by them is professional as they are reliable and trustworthy. They have developed their business in United States and have come up like a leading supplier of Cantera Stone which has design studios in Scottsdale, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Seattle, and are soon coming up in San Diego and Atlanta.

Stone Source LLC of is providing best products to the community and homeowners for renovation. Variety of stones is available for countertop surface, each stone is different and of different quality and needs different type of maintenance. We also need to keep in mind that each stone is made for different purposes and all are not suitable for installing at a particular location. If a stone is made to be installed in the Kitchen it can not be used for outside purpose and the type of stone which is used for enhancing the outside look can not be used for home decor.

Limestone fireplace gives a beautiful and attractive look of the houses

February 20, 2014

Do you have any idea about fireplaces? I am sure that you must have an idea about the same. A fireplace is an architectural structure which is designed to contain a fire for heating. A fireplace is a luring object in ones houses. Every visitor in the house gets attracted to such things. There are varieties of fireplaces available, but the best is limestone fireplace.

Limestone fireplace adds a charm to the place with its elegance. They are most popular for the leisurely ambience created by them. Limestone fireplaces are beautifully designed with the blend of both classic and modern look. These designs are suitable for both modern and classic interiors. These elegant limestone fireplaces are luxurious mantels and are the most sensational way to boost the value of your home which indicates about your personal taste. Square and rectangular limestone fireplace arethe perfect match for modern interiors whereas arch shaped fireplaces are best suited to ancient look. Now a day’s fireplace is even available in round shaped form which creates a focal point in the room. Small rooms should have a simple fireplace as it will not take much space.

Limestone fireplaces are the perfect choice as it is the delicate stone and will provide its beauty till the time you take care of it. Stone architecture provides you with best quality of limestone fireplace which are hand finished especially for the customers.

Add warmth, coziness and romance to your room with Cantera columns

January 29, 2014

Have you ever thought of introducing cantera columns to your rooms? Sure, it looks a very unconventional idea since bedrooms are traditionally not the usual place to install cantera stones. They are mostly associated with doorways, porches, gardens, fountains and bathrooms or even kitchens. But if you give it a thought you may just find that these stone columns can bring a fairy-tale excitement into your romance.

There is an undeniable charm of Cantera columns by Architectural Stone Elements. Their origin and use can be traced back to the old times. A number of old landmarks today stand stout and proud, displaying their astounding columns of cantera which have stood the test of time and the harshness of weather. On this count, these stones have already proved their longevity and worth.

Cantera columns can make your room warm and cozy. Yes, you heard that right. These stones will ignite Elizabethan romance in your mind by completely changing the ambience of the room. From a drab and boring room, you can now sleep at a place which is exquisitely nostalgic and astoundingly regal. With these stones, you can just say goodbye to your mundane present and step back in time to relive those good, old days.

Cantera is a natural stone just like limestone. In fact, there are a few similarities between the two. Both are natural and green products. They offer durability and are intensely beautiful. While limestone enjoys greater preference for floor and wall tiles, when it comes to stone columns, you cannot find anything stronger and more worthy than Cantera.

A style guide for your home

January 2, 2014

If you really wish to give a new and amazing look to your home, you should prefer artistic approach to improve the style of your home. Options can be too many for this but this is guaranteed that nothing can work more profoundly than the option of artistic and stylish architectural elements to decorate your home without spending too much money. These elements can make a style statement indeed, if you select them carefully and according to the space that you want to decorate.


Several architectural elements are available which you can use for decoration and simultaneously use them such as a beautiful element that you can use as a show piece and to put some stuff in it both. Attractive designs of architectural stone elements and useful space in it are making it so economical and it will not require so much space to fit it in your home.

 The art of fine craftsmen will improvise your lifestyle through your home decoration via architectural elements that you can choose from online and offline stores whichever suits you. These designs are able to transform the whole look of your home. You can change the pattern of your interior according to these architectural elements. The sources which provide you these elements they help you to decorate your home by suggesting you worth designs according to the form of your home and your life style. They don’t charge any amount from you for this additional help. They are committed to make your home the place that you really wish to make it.

Way to protect your Limestone fireplace

December 10, 2013

House is a dream place of the owner; so it is obvious that he or she will always like to decorate that place to its best. IN these days the first choice for decorating a house are variety of stones and in the era of stones for interior decoration Cantera stones are the best. But this is a rare one which is only available in the mines of Mexico and United States. A company namely Architectural Stone elements use to offer variety of designs of Cantera stones as well as Limestones, Marbles which all are extremely gorgeous to make your place an attractive one. This company use to manufacture all these natural stones with respect to engineering designs and use to sell throughout the world through their website.

Not only the stones they also use to offer structures too made of these stones; like they use to offer columns made of cantera stones, limestone fireplaces, marbles, fireplace mantles as well as fountains made of cantera stones  fountains, and lots more. These limestone fireplace designs in architecturalstoneelements are not easily identifiable as these looks permanent architecture which can make your place more attractive. If you wish to have some of that just log on there to check the variety the items which all are equally attractive; If you have some trouble to select the best design then consult with then experts of that site and they are ready to solve your problem. So just order the items to enhance the beauty of your place.

Why should you must not use Cantera stone as flooring in kitchens?

November 4, 2013

Cantera is a special form of natural stone that are extensively used in interior as well as exterior construction and remodelling jobs. Cantera stone source makes it a unique selection for your home and its beauty has an eternal feel to it which comes from its gentle off-white and sand-like creamy hues that resemble the stone walls and statues from ancient palaces and gothic churches of the Roman area.

Cantera stone source is volcanic in its composition and base. It is made of a unique form of volcanic product that has gifted the stone with several features that are absent in rest of the natural stones like limestone and marble. Cantera is basically soft in its structure which makes it a perfect choice for building carved fountains, mantel pieces, statues, columns, garden benches etc. However, when you are remodelling your kitchen, you should be quite cautious about using tiles made of Cantera. It is true that Cantera is a nice choice for your interiors but when it comes to flooring, it would be better if you choose something more durable and less organic in nature. Kitchen is a place where people constantly move around. And there is lot of moisture and heat in the air which can do strange things to porous natural stones like Cantera. Canter is surely durable but it is softer and absorbs air from the environment.

 Before buying Cantera tiles or blocks it is important to ensure the authenticity of your Cantera stone source.  There are different types of volcanic rocks available in the market, but Cantera is different because it is formed by condensed ashes and volcanic lava. The nature of Cantera stone source also determines its texture and design.

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